Here are four tips to help you through your first year in your new home.

Here are four tips for first-time buyers to keep in mind for their first year in their new home:

1. Obtain a home warranty plan. Of course, keep this in mind before you buy a home. A home warranty plan covers the repairs or replacement of the key systems and appliances in your home should they malfunction or break. Make sure to read the fine print because improper care of a system or appliance could void the coverage. In San Diego, a home warranty is commonly bought for the buyer by the seller. Ask your real estate agent to include a home warranty plan paid for by the seller in your offer.

2. Form a relationship with a great handyman. Things will always break or malfunction in a home that won’t require a full contractor, and you’ll need someone with a little more knowledge than yourself about these things to help. A good place to go to find a handyman you can trust is Nextdoor, the social networking app for neighbors, or reach out to your agent. We have excellent contacts in the industry, and we all know a couple of top-notch handymen, so we’re happy to help.

“In San Diego, a home warranty is commonly bought for the buyer by the seller.”

3. Build up a rainy day fund. Save up six months’ worth of all your new expenses including mortgage, HOA payments, and more. Add more money each month to retain the proper amount so if something happens, you can pay all your bills for six months. 

4. Know the location of the gas and water shut-off valves. This can save you a slew of money. If there’s an active leak in the home and someone isn’t available to repair it for a couple of hours, you need to know how to shut off the valves so you don’t incur massive damage.

If you have questions about these tips or anything else related to real estate here in San Diego, please reach out to me via phone or email. I would love to help you.