Three strategies I use to help clients find extra homes to choose from.

Today I’m answering the question, “How can you find more inventory of homes for sale in this tight inventory market?” If you’re a buyer in this market, not only is it very difficult to find homes for sale that meet your needs, but it’s also very difficult to negotiate and secure the home because there’s so much competition out there. What I’m doing for a lot of my clients right now is getting creative and discovering ways to find homes that other people may not know of. Here are three strategies I’m using to help you find extra homes to choose from:

1. Check the expired, canceled, or withdrawn listings. You’ll need MLS access to do this, so it’s recommended that you ask an agent. Go back and check the expired listings that were on the market that didn’t sell, canceled listings where the owner decided to cancel the listing, and withdrawn listings that are still for sale, but not actively showing. For one reason or another, many times you’ll find that all of these sellers still have the motivation to sell and that may be an opportunity for you to find your home off the market.

2. Contact all of the top agents in the area that you’re looking to live in. Then you can see if they have any coming soon inventory. The ‘coming soon’ status on the MLS and home search sites means no showings are being done but the home is being actively marketed for sale. It’s also true that many agents talk to sellers for months before they actually even get to that point. Your agent could find out if any homes meet your needs that aren’t yet listed for sale. You might have an opportunity to put your home under contract and into escrow before anybody even knows it’s going to be for sale.

“I’ve been getting creative and discovering ways to find homes for my clients.”

3. Have your agent cold call in the area you want to live. I recommend this to help you find extra inventory of homes for sale. Have your agent go door to door or call homeowners on the phone to simply see if they have any interest in selling. It’s worked for many years to help people find homes for sale, and it can work for you too.

If you have any questions about the strategies that I’ve presented today, or if you’d like to hire me to put them into effect for you and help you find your next home, give me a call. I look forward to seeing you.